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Engagement photo Shoot FAQ’s

3 November, 2008

Engagement Photo Shoot FAQ’s:

1. Why is the engagement photo shoot important?

The engagement photo shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other before the wedding. Think of it as a practice run. It helps if you are comfortable with my style and I know you on a personal level so your wedding images can truly reflect your personalities and your relationship.

2. Where should we do the photo shoot?

Most couples prefer to do their engagement photo shoot in a relaxed environment. Popular locations include parks, the actual venue, pubs/restaurants, my home studio, the beach*, shopping malls, hotels, etc. *Photo shoots outside of the city are available for a small travel fee.

3. What’s the best time to do the photo shoot?

Any time is fine but keep in mind that photo shoots done on location work best one hour before sunset. This way we get to enjoy the very best light and, if we’re lucky, a beautiful sunset too.

4. What should we wear?

Clothing should be kept neutral and should match the location. Park photo shoots for example are best in tans, blues and greens. Cityscapes call for slightly more formal attire but jeans and a shirt are fine. Best bet for beach clothing would be white, beige, cream, blue or pastels. You should also wear colours similar to each other. Best bet is to avoid patterns, big logos, stripes or checks. Keep it simple.

5. When should we book the photo shoot?

The engagement photo shoot can be done at any stage. Most couples opt for two to three months before the wedding.

6. Can we bring our dog?

Absolutely! I love dogs. I do ask that if you are bringing a dog that you bring someone that can handle the dog when we are doing photos without him/her. Remember a leash and some water.

7. How should I do my make-up/hair?

Hair is up to you, depends on the day and how you feel/prefer. Even if you don’t normally wear foundation, it’s a good idea to have for photo shoots. Powder is a necessary minimum. Fix your eye shadow as you would normally (neutral colours are best). Extra lip-gloss to reapply after kissing is another consideration.

8. What do we do with engagement photos?

The most popular use for an engagement photo (especially in the States) is a signature frame or signature guest book on your wedding day. You choose your favourite image and I frame or mat it for you to display at the reception. Your guests sign their well wishes around the white border instead of in a regular guest book. You can also order prints from your engagement session or opt to have them included with your wedding photos.

9. How long does a shoot take?

On average the shoot lasts an hour.

10. How many photographs do we receive?

Typically you end up with between 10 and 15 high resolution photos. All images are provided on a CD as  ready-to-print jpegs.


Paul and Amanda

20 June, 2008

The wedding of Paul and Amanda was really fun and everything went smoothly on the day. The grand church and venue at MIT provided some lovely backdrops for the photographs. It was really lovely working with Paul and Amanda both individually and as a couple. Here is a small selection of images from the day.