Gloss or Matte

20 August, 2007

When buying a new laptop or flat screen monitor it is worth considering two of the many options available to you. Do you go for a shiny screen which gives richer blacks and more vibrant colour or one which is ‘matte’? Some claim the advantages of a ‘matte’ screen are glare free viewing. In my opinion this is the only advantage. Am really enjoying the images on this shiny coated flat screen. More importantly is getting your screen correctly calibrated so colours and shades appear as they should…


Pascall Photography

2 August, 2007

Time to get blogging! Hoping this will be a good outlet/venue to publish photos and share the images with family, friends and visitors. If a picture tells a thousand words then hopefully as the weeks and months roll on there will be quite a story unfolding on these pages.

Here is a photo i took at a wedding a while back. A real candid shot capturing the interaction between two beautiful women. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos on my blog and please feel free to post your comments! Cheers.